Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More Pics

Here's a couple of pics of Virgil & Kasey enjoying the window (post Kasey's surgery)

Also a couple of picture of some "cat naps"

Monday, October 23, 2006

A scare

So back on Labor day, little Kasey gave me quite a scare. So I got up in the morning to go to class and she was just sitting at the foot of the bed. I thought that was odd, but figured maybe she was just sleepy. Well, all morning it was eating at me, so I went home for lunch and saw that she'd hardly moved and that she looked very uncomfortable and was breathing shallowly. At that point I was very concerned and called the emergency vet line. Of course, since it was Labor Day they were the only show in town and were quite full, they said that they had so many animals that they wouldn't be able to see her until 7 that night. So, in a panic, she headed down to Richmond. Once there, they took her in and I instantly felt at least a little better since she was under professional care. After a couple of hours, the vet came out and said that she couldn't tell what was wrong, but that Kasey had a very high fever (about 105.4). So she gave her a subdermal fluid injection, which perked her up a little bit, and back home she went. The next morning, she wasn't doing any better, but at least it was a normal work day, so just after lunch we headed out to Cville Cat Care for a meeting with Dr. Andersen. Kasey's temperature was a little higher (106) and her abdomen was sore to the touch, but X-rays were negative for any problems. They kept her there for the night for observation. The next morning, she wasn't any different, so Dr. Andersen performed exploratory surgery to see if she had any problems or blockages with her intestinal tract. There were no problems, and they sewed her back up. As the docs say, it seemed as though that "released the demons" because her temperature dropped quite a bit after her surgery. Apparently, the dreaded "Fever of Unknown Origins." She stayed there that night and Thursday for further observation, although when I went to visit her on Thursday, she was doing much better. Friday was the happy day as she came home. Although her brother was not amused as she had a very funny "smell" to her (that vet smell). About a week later, she went back to have her staples removed and has continued the road to recovery with her brother glad she is back. The happy ending to this story is that now, about 6 weeks afterwards, she continues to do great and her fur has almost completely grown back in! Along with that, she and Virgil are back to playing together like they were before :-)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Pics from sis!

Here are some more pics from back in August when Karl's sister came to visit. She's the one who took these great photos!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So busy!!

Hey everybody! Karl's been so busy with classes this fall, that we haven't had time to update our blog in a while, so now we've got to catch up!
Here's some pictures of the two of us having fun wrestling and playing fetch!